Yoga for Slimmers comprises a series of easy yoga stretches, with positive statements to help you lose weight; simple healthy eating plan and self discovery techniques to help you improve and de-stress your life as well as your body - slimming from the inside out.
The  programme is based on ancient yogic principals and modern research
  - truly the best of the East with the best of the West . 

Fully described in Celia Hawe’s best selling book,
Yoga for Weightloss.

Already translated into 11 languages and sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. To order go to
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(Definition of “slimmer” is someone who has come to the realisation that weight management is an ongoing process and takes responsibility for that incidentally it can also be a path/journey of enlightenment, fun enjoyment and healing)

Are You a Constant Dieter?

If you are someone who has tried dieting but failed, has been in despair about your weight, has just about given up – don’t yet – try this gentle approach .  Celia devised this unique, safe, life changing system for herself, although from the testimonials she receives many others worldwide have also found her system successful.

Not Just Another lose-weight-fast Book

Not just another diet system!  Celia is someone who  cares, she realised, that the problem was that there was a gap between knowing what to do, after all we all know what we should be eating and the lifestyle changes  needed  but there was not a book or system out there that helped you to go from knowing to doing.  Hence Yoga for Weightloss was devised.  Through a simple series of exercises and mind changes this gap will be filled.  By practising the postures in a class or book or CD you will succeed.  See The Shop.
How Can I Get Started?

There are a few ways you can experience theYoga for Weightloss system, in:


·         a book, see The Shop page

·         an audio CD, see The Shop page

·         a retreat, see Retreats page 

·         personal or small group retreats, see Retreats page

Easy Movements, Easy Eating, Easy Self-Change

The yoga movements were devised by Celia Hawe, a long time dieter herself, 
she combined her knowledge of yoga (32 years)
and her knowledge of exercise (32 years)
plus personal development (32 years)
plus over 15 years as a life coach. 
(111 years of wisdom, it’s got to be good!)

The Yoga Postures are gentle and simple.  Anyone can do them. 
They are specifically chosen to tone your body and also to uplift you in body, mind and spirit.
The 3 Major Benefits
(there are also many others) are
1.  Belief In Yourself.  Failure at dieting is not failure at being a successful person – as many famous, rich, successful people will testify.  There are no yoga headstands to perform but  you will  turn you thinking on its head!  Performing the postures will tone your thinking as well as your body.  The result will be a slim mind attitude that believes it can succeed, therefore it will.
2.  Awareness.  How often have you eaten something and not even been aware that you have eaten it?  Yoga’s mindful approach makes you deeply aware of movement and what’s going on inside your body and mind.  Practice in the session of mindful exercise will help you develop full time awareness.
3.  Responsible Emotional Eating.  Sometimes we eat unnecessarily because we are happy, sad, bored, excited, tired, etc.  The special calming breathing techniques will build up our “positive mind muscles” we will at last put an end to this self defeating and desperately sad way of eating. You will learn how to emotionally satisfy yourself differently in a way that nurtures you.
NEW Celia's Super Souper Diet©
Celia's upcoming book, incorporates a healthy eating programme plus at last a "how to" actually go about eating healthily and incorporate easily and cheaply into your everyday life, lots of tips on smart exercise wisdom, that is do the moves that give you the greatest pay off for the least amount of effort; plus how to choose, want, prefer those all important lifestyle changes.  
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